Akshith Shashi Kumar’s debut film “Seethaayanam” First Look is out!!

Akshith Shashi Kumar’s debut film “Seethaayanam” First Look is out!!

Kannada Supreme Hero Shashi Kumar’s son Akshith Shashi Kumar’s debut film “Seethaayanam” First Look is out!!

Filming as a Telugu, Kannada bilingual project “Seethaayanam” is directed by Prabhakar Aaripaka starring Anahitha Bhushan opposite him in Rohan Bharadwaj’s presentation & Mrs. Lalitha Rajyalakshmi’s production under Color Clouds Entertainments.

Coming out with a perfect blend of Love, Crime & Entertainment written according to the latest trend, this movie is known to have a tagline “Respect Women” that explains the story plot.

Meanwhile, Producer Mrs. Lalitha Rajyalakshmi says “Seethaayanam’s story is treated in a completely different and impressive way by director Prabhakar Aaripaka & young talent Akshith Shashi Kumar has performed very well. We’ve successfully wrapped up the shoot at various beautiful locations around Bangkok, Hyderabad, Mangalooru, Agumbe, Bangalore, Vizag, and the Post-production works are commencing at a brisk pace. As of now, we’re planning to bring it in March”

Director Prabhakar says, “With the rich production values from the makers & splendid performances from our Akshith & Anahitha, Seethaayanam has turned out very well as expected”

Cast: Ajay Ghosh, Madhunandhan, Vidyulekha Raman, Bithiri Satti, Krishna Bhagavan, Gundu Sudarshan, Anant, Jabardast Apparao, TNR, Madhumani and Meghna Gowda.
Story & Direction: Prabhakar Aaripaka
Producer: Lalitha Rajyalakshmi
Camera: Durgaprasad Kolli
Editing by: Praveen Pudi
Lyrics: Chandra Bose, Ananta Sriram
Fights: Real Satish
Choreography: Anish
Music: Padmanaabh Bhardwaj
PRO: Pulagam Chinnarayana


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