Gandhi is the minister who will be admitted to the hospital when Corona arrives


Telangana State Road Transport Minister Puvada Ajay Kumar says that if I get a corona, I will go straight to Gandhi Hospital and be admitted and treated there. In addition to the corona increasing day by day in Telangana, many public representatives were also affected by the corona. However, there has been widespread criticism that corona-infected public representatives are being treated in private hospitals rather than at Gandhi Hospital.

It is known that the Telangana Chief Minister made it clear at the KCR media conference that it is the policy of the government that not only the poor but also those who come to Corona should be treated in Gandhi Hospital no matter how big they are. Opposition parties are now using it as a weapon. Minister Puwada Ajay Kumar says that if I get corona, I will join Gandhi as the Opposition is making serious allegations. Puvada denies that the allegations made by the Opposition are true.


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