Hero Kartikeya Contributes 2 Lakhs to ‘Corona Crisis Charity’

Hero Kartikeya Contributes 2 Lakhs to ‘Corona Crisis Charity’

While the Coronavirus outbreak has left thousands of cine workers in the lurch due to the postponements of film and production, Megastar Chiranjeevi initiated CCC (Corona Crisis Charity) a fund meant for the aid of daily wage earners, who need the utmost support of the industry because of the ongoing lockdown.

Also, he gave a call to all the celebs and members of the industry to donate an amount to arrange the needful for the needy in this Crisis time.

Responding to the same, Hero Kartikeya Gummakonda has donated Rs 2 lakhs to the fund & addressed that it’s our time to stand for the people who stand all the time in our sets to make everything possible.

Let’s seriously stay at home & bring everything under control together, adds the young Talented Actor.


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