Pawan Kalyan is now remembered by fans


The comments made on comedian Ali Pawan Kalyan are creating a sensation. Pawan Kalyan and Ali were once good friends. But before the 2019 elections, Pawan Kalyan was given a shock and  joined the in Y.S .R Congress party. Pawan Kalyan was shocked. Ali, a close friend of his, was shocked not only by Pawan Kalyan but also by those who knew both of them to join Jagan’s party instead of his own. Not to mention that at one stage the words were even thought out. With that the distance between the two increased.

Pawan Kalyan has not spoken to Ali since then. Ali wants Pawan Kalyan’s friendship now if cut. Saying that Pawan Kalyan is looking forward to friendship and commenting on Pawan Kalyan’s greatness has now become a hot topic in the industry. However, Pawan Kalyan’s fans are commenting on Ali’s comments in various ways. While some welcome Ali’s decision, others are targeting Ali. Because Ali Jagan joined the party but did not get any post ….. That is why Pawan Kalyan is remembered by the critics.


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