Rajasekhar, Nani and Ravi Teja Were Challenged by Prashant Verma


Prashant Verma, who is known as a director of different story films with Aa and Kalki films, has challenged the heroes Dr. Rajasekhar, Ravi Teja and Nani. Do you know what is the challenge thrown by Prashant Verma so far? Prashant Verma threw the Green India Challenge to plant plants. Rajya Sabha member Santosh Kumar launched the Green India Challenge. It is attended by many heroes, heroines, directors and other technicians from the film industry.

Recently, Prashant Verma challenged Rajasekhar, Ravi Teja and Nani to plant plants at his office in Manikonda, Hyderabad. Prashant Verma made a film called Kalki with Rajasekhar. Prashant Verma made his directorial debut with the film produced by Nani. The young director is planning a film with Ravi Teja. With that he challenged these three. It remains to be seen which of these three heroes will take up the Prashant Verma Challenge.


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