The video made by Chiru stating the importance of the mask is viral


A short video made by megastar Chiranjeevi on how much a face mask is needed at the time of the corona epidemic is now circulating on social media. The video stars megastar Chiranjeevi along with heroine Isha Rebba and hero Karthikeya. Chiru conveyed a nice message in these short videos. Women have made it clear that we can protect ourselves by pushing the corona through social distances, by wearing a mask on the face rather than putting on beautifully made lipstick. Isha Rebba is starring in this video along with Chiru.

Also in another video, hero Karthikeya and Chiranjeevi star. It is said that a face mask is more necessary than a mustache. Isha Rebba and Karthikeyan came forward for Chiru when he was asked to make such a informative video. Chiranjeevi thanked them both. These videos are currently going viral. The corona epidemic has been raging around the world for four months, with many movie stars staying home without shooting. It is known that Chiranjeevi is currently acting in Acharya movie.


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