Vakeel Saab Teaser Ready


Power star Pawan Kalyan is all set to star in the latest Vakil Saab movie. Producer Dil Raju has decided to release the teaser of the film. Vakeel Saab, directed by Sriram Venu, is being co-produced by top producers Bonnie Kapoor and Dil Raju. Pawan Kalyan plays lawyer Saab while Malayalam actress Niveda Thomas plays a key role. The film also stars heroine Anjali along with Niveda Thomas.

However, all the shooting was stopped due to Corona and Pawan Kalyan fans along with everyone else were in deep frustration. That is why producer Dil Raju is planning to release vakeel¬† Saab teaser to cheer them up. The teaser will be released but it is not now¬† …… on September 2nd. Pawan Kalyan fans know why the teaser was released on September 2 because today is Power Star’s birthday. Lawyer Saab is preparing to release a teaser on the occasion of Pawan Kalyan’s birthday. September 2 is a long day, but wait till


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