Which of these three villains is Mahesh’s villain?


Tollywood superstar Mahesh Babu is all set to star in the latest Parashuram directed film. The film  named as “Sarkari vari pata “. Tamil actor Arvind Swamy thinks of Kannada heroes Upendra and Sudeep. However, there is a debate as to which of the three would be better. The first chance, however, is said to be Arvind Swamy.

Because the highlight in the movie Dhruva starring Charan as the hero is Arvind Swamy. Performed brilliantly as a stylish villain and received acclaim from the audience. Also, Kannada star heroes Upendra and Sudeep can do a great job as villains. These three are also said to be the best in acting. So who is the real villain among these three? Director Parashuram is wondering who will be the villain behind Mahesh. Overall it seems certain to select one of these three. It is known that Kirti Suresh was chosen as the heroine.


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